SupaG is a vitamin and mineral garlic supplement made from only Australian garlic. It’s produced in Australia on farms, gathered, and consumed locally. It’s high in strength, low in ar​oma, and 100% vegan and halal certified. We develop our own SupaG ingredient by utilizing cold extraction processes to isolate the active components of garlic.

It is critical to utilizing a low temperature and no additives when delivering the high potency, natural garlic advantages that drive the entire SupaGarlic range of supplements.

Garlic is one of the original superfoods, having been used in Western herbal medicine for millennia to treat a variety of ailments, including treating common cold symptoms, relieving respiratory tract congestion, minor respiratory infections, and assisting with cardiovascular, heart, and immune health as well as general wellbeing.

Antioxidants are critical in protecting the body from free radicals, and it’s also fascinating to see how garlic’s science explains its potent antioxidant properties. For a little plant that has so many advantages.

SupaGarlic® 100% Australian, made & grown.

SupaGarlic® is the only garlic supplement produced entirely in Australia. It is grown, harvested, extracted, manufactured, and bottled locally in Australia, and has been used as a medicine and food for thousands of years. Garlic has been utilized as both a traditional medicine and ancient food for thousands of years, and it’s possibly the “original” superfood.

Our Products

SupaGarlic® is a premium range of natural plant-based medicines that employ high concentrations of our unique cold extracted garlic (SupaG®). Always completely Australian grown, produced, and processed.

SupaGarlic Health & Wellbeing

Ideal for those searching for a convenient approach to obtain the health benefits of one of nature’s superfoods, garlic!

SupaGarlic Congestion Relief

Garlic, like many other foods, has been known to cure what ails you since ancient times. Garlic can help with mild mucous congestion because of its traditional reputation for improving health during the season changes.

SupaGarlic Immune Support

Garlic has a long history of being used to strengthen the immune system. SupaG® garlic extract is a convenient way to continue this practice.

Supagarlic Cardio & Heart Health

Traditionally utilized in the critical business of maintaining cardiovascular health. SupaG®’s high antioxidant qualities aid in the proper delivery of garlic’s major health advantages, as found in nature.

Who Are We

We have taken every precaution to assure that our garlic is as pure as possible, thus it can be used straight away without being contaminated. To better capture the active components of freshly harvested garlic and make them readily available for daily usage, we have done nothing halfway. We developed our own non-GMO naturally selected seed stock, nursery planting, growth, monitoring, and harvesting 100% locally produced Australian garlic get Garlic tablets for high blood pressure.

SuperGarlic® was developed with care and precision, utilizing innovative low-temperature technology to preserve mother natures goodness and the raw power of garlic. It is then encapsulated in 100% vegan soft-gel capsules and dosed for a variety of health applications – as they have been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine.

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